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CMU CSSAAbout us

CMU Chinese Student Scholar Association known as CMU CSSA is an organization with the approval of Embassy of The People's Republic of China in The United States of America. One of CMU CSSA's goals is to become the home for all Chinese students in CMU. CSSA provides numerous events specifically for Chinese students in order to help them to blend in with the school environment. In CSSA, students will encounter new friends, mentors that will change their life, upperclassmen that has already stepped into the World. As a student assosiation, CMU CSSA will provide precious opportunities for students to meet companies through out the world and provide possibilities to reach their own goals.





学生学者联合会,旨在成为CMU 中国学生温暖的家。作为交际平台,CSSA提供许多有趣的新生破冰活动和针对中国学生的课余活动,让新加入CMU的中国学生更快融入学校与本地生活;在CSSA,大家可以交志趣相投的朋友,也可以结实眼界广阔的人生导师,更能扩张人脉网,接触更多已走向社会的学长学姐。作为一个学生机构组织,CMU CSSA操办中国人自己的活动,也与匹兹堡本地以及国内外多家企业有接触与交流,为CMU的中国学生实现个人价值提供更多可能。


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