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Halloween Party (October)

In order to provide students around Pittsburgh with an opportunity to relax from homework and enjoy Halloween, CMU CSSA hosted a Halloween dress-up party at the Static Night Club on the night of October 31st. CMU CSSA cooperated with Static, reserved its entire second floor, and offered cheap tickets with a free drink. More than 150 students, mostly from CMU and Pitt, attended the event.

Dr. Xiaoliang Wei's Lecture (October)

Dr. Xiaoliang Wei gave an inspiring and exciting talk at CMU on October 7th. He used to be a teacher at the famous educational institute New Oriental, and is now CEO of SmartStudy, a start-up that just received an investment of 10.6 million dollars from Baidu, a giant search engine in China.

Best Voice of CMU (September)

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Best Voice of CMU!

Champion: Jiayang Li (李佳阳)
Runner-up: Yuzhe Zhang (张宇哲)
Third place: Yuwen Chen (陈钰雯)

CSSA Orientation (August)

CMU CSSA organized its annual orientation for over 350 new Chinese students in the UC McConomy Auditorium. Representatives of the CMU Office of International Education (OIE), AT&T and the law office of Andrew Wood, LLC participated in our event, and delivered informative presentations to the new Chinese students. AT&T offered special discounts exclusively for CMU students, and 8 AT&T staff members helped new students to set up and active their mobile phones remotely after orientation. Light refreshment and drinks were provided to all attendees after the event.

Airport Pickup (August)

From August 4th to August 8th, CMU CSSA provided airport pickup service for around 200 incoming students.

We would like to express our thanks to the CSSA staff who stayed at the airport until midnight every day, and to the drivers who carried the incoming students to their residences from campus and even directly from the airport!

Orientation Slides 2014

The slides of the 2014 new Chinese students' orientation can be downloaded here.


Guidebook for New Students 2014

The 2014 Guidebook for New Students can be downloaded here.

请在这里下载2014版CMU CSSA新生手册。

Airport Pickup Request Form